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1.1 General.
The Kiesewetter KG sets up this website and its contents in the current state. She makes no assurances or warranties of any kind with regard to this website, its content, the products or services mentioned in this website, including and without limitation of all warranties of marketability and suitability for a particular purpose. All such assurances and warranties are explicitly excluded. Although best efforts were taken to ensure, that the information contained in this website is correct and accurate, their contents can change. The Kiesewetter KG accepts under no circumstances liability for any direct or indirect damages and affords no compensation for incidental or consequential damages that may result from the use of the information made available on this server. Best efforts are made to ensure that contents provided for downloading are free of viruses. The Kiesewetter KG however cannot assume any liability for damages caused by viruses.

1.2. Product information
Information on products is provided solely as advance advertising and for information of users. Product descriptions are updated regularly and are subject to change without notice. The Kiesewetter KG reserves the right to withdraw listed product, respectively to change or alter them, without thereby to assume any liability.

2. Copyright information
The material of this website is subject to copyright and other proprietary rights. The Kiesewetter KG allows the reviewing of the material published by her on this website. She also allows the electronic copying and printing of parts of the material, but only one copy of a page of this material may be made, solely for the purpose of use for personal purposes. The copyright of all material of this website (unless specified otherwise) lies with the Kiesewetter KG. If this material is to be used for purposes other than those permitted by law, then the written consent of the copyright holder must be obtained prior to use.

3. Trademarks and company logos
Kiesewetter and EMPIRE Dart are registered trademarks of Kiesewetter KG. Other product and company names mentioned in this website are possibly trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. The above mentioned trademarks and company logos may only be used for applications approved by the Kiesewetter KG. They must not be used in any other connection without the explicit prior consent of Kiesewetter KG.

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